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TOTAL ENERGY SUPPLY (TESCA), is located in Maracaibo, the city with the fastest industrial development in western Venezuela. It specializes in the sale of production of seamless pipe, casing, tubing, line pipe, valves, flanges, fittings, pumps, spare parts for gas turbines and steam, drilling equipment and chemicals, ferrous and non ferrous materials and steel alloy, all this supported by  the most important manufacturers worldwide in its area, such as: ALNMARITEC, METEC, CNM, ANTONI INTERNATIONAL, TIME TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL PARKSON among others, consolidating as one of the most serious suppliers nationally.

Moreover TESCA provides services non-destructive testing, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing of rotors in place, Post Weld Stress Relief, repairing valves, hydrostatic testing, Sand Blasting, Painting and supply of specialized personnel.

With our people committed and service-oriented, market and distribute domestic and imported products in quality, we provide solutions to the needs of the oil sector, construction, and industrial.

We do efficient and effective processes that generate confidence our customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Be an organization to increase its economic value, exceeding customer expectations, generate confidence in its suppliers for purposes of penetration and coverage, moving further efforts to maintain the image on the environment, promote the culture of dynamic and flexible processes and motivate the professional and personal development in their collaborators

  • We seek always mutual benefit in all our relationships.
  • People are the most important thing for the organization
  • The attitude of service is what creates loyal customers and satisfied
  • The Client is the source of our progress and development

Commitment and dedication in what we do.
We act with integrity and honesty
Respect toward our employees, suppliers, shareholders and competitors
We recognize the people so that he or she makes
We create a safe working environment and healthy
Delivery and dedication in what we do.
We effective results through a rapid decision-making


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